Friday, June 01, 2007

The story that entails how powerful love is, Beauty and the Beast

From the traditional fairytale of Beauty and the Beast, Ron Koslow released his own updated version of the story. Starring Linda Hamilton as Catherine Chandler and Ron Perlman as Vincent, this TV series debuted on the television screens in 1987 and lasted until 1990.

Vincent is a beast man living at a secret Utopian community of social outcasts beings, the place is located beneath the city. This is Vincent's sanctuary where he is protected, love and not being condemned. Catherine is a savvy assistant DA in New York city who is a wealthy woman and certainly thinks that her life has no meaning. As they found each other, despite big difference in appearance, they found way to connect, develop a bond between them and nurture a pure and sincere love.

Due to their strong bond, Vincent felt the danger that Catherine's job can bring her. He comes to protect his one great love and they two journey at the underground world beyond the labyrinth tunnels, mystical waterfalls and other people who have also come in that world to form a beautiful loving family.

In the contrary from the traditional fairytale where the beast change into a handsome prince after receiving true love from belle, Vincent, the beast in this story remain his appearance because his beauty with in is more than enough to make him handsome and perfect in the eyes of other people and the woman he loves. While Catherine on the other hand, from her ugly attitude and thinking about the meaningless of life, she transformed herself to someone who has now a better view of the true meaning of life.

The story only proves once again, that when it comes to love, everything is conquered. In spite of any imperfections your partner has and wherever life takes the both of you, You'll still love him no matter what. For the power of true love can't be seen nor be touch, it is simply in our hearts.

As an additional information, Beauty and the Beast Tv series won Golden Globe award, and other eight wins and got 30 nominations.

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