Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two Guys and A Girl

Originally known as "Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place," this half hour comedy follows the friendship of Berg, Pete and Sharon, who met in college and live in the same building. While working their way through grad-school, Berg and Pete work in Beacon Street Pizza for their witty boss Bill and serve customers like the eccentric Mr. Bauer who tells everyone about great moments in his life, which are actually famous scenes from movies. The show also follows their love lives, Pete's girlfriend Melissa, a cast regular for the first season, and he later on develops feelings for Sharon. Sharon seems to have no luck with guys until she meets repair man Johnny, who despite their many fights and up and down relationship end up married. Berg flits from girl to girl until he meets Ashley, a fellow med-student and notorious ice queen who he dates for about a season. When they break up, he seeks solace in Irene, who lives across the hall, a petite, perky woman obssessed with cats and who stalks Pete. By the last season, Johnny, Ashley and Irene were as integral to the show as the original two guys and girl, with the final episode, The Internet Show, being about which of the girls was pregnant, a decision that was left up to the viewers vote. They decided that Ashley was pregnant (by Pete), but we never got to see the consequences of this, as the show was cancelled after its fourth season. Although it never got a chance to wrap things up, it remains a genuinely funny programme, with characters that we care about and whom can make us laugh.

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